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"I'm a Mother, Wife, Social Worker, Godpreneur (a person who uses their gifts, skills and talents to fulfill God's plan), Certified Life & Spiritual Coach, Mentor and Leader. I specialize in Transformation."

-Juanita Tennant


About Me

Juanita Tennant is your Transformational Coach!

Hello, my name is Juanita Tennant and I am a certified Life and Spiritual Coach. I possess my Masters Degree in Social Work and Business. I have worked in the social work field for over 14 years and am the CEO of Focused On Kingdom Purpose Ministries, Inc.  I have worked as a coach for over 12 years, without the title, and have loved every bit of it! I enjoy helping people discover things about themselves and make decisions, embracing transformation, to fulfill their unique purpose in life.


To describe my personality, I am one that encourages and empowers intentional growth; I don’t enjoy seeing people in mediocrity or stagnant, not fulfilling their purpose each day. The world is missing out on you when you're not in your position of purpose! My passion is to push you toward your desired goals and set a challenge to go and grow, embracing the discomfort that comes with being stretched. I identify as a coach because, coaching is results-oriented and focuses on making the necessary changes right where you are. As you develop an action plan to move forward, I support you by holding you accountable to following through with that plan of action; I'm a cheerleader to your Transformation. It is understood that throughout the process, there may be obstacles or blocks that surface but, there are tools and techniques that we’ll use to get through them. I declare, nothing will stop you from getting to your destination when you have a resilient attitude, positive supports and accountability during our coaching relationship. I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your Transformation!

With That Said, Let’s Get Started! Book Your FREE Discovery Session Today!

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